Make your hiring process more efficient

Chatbots offer massive potential; to reduce the repetitive task workload for talent managers, provide a user-friendly application process and improve a company’s brand reputation.
With Careers Fox - a scripted talentbot - you can collect information from a candidate, ask screening questions, answer FAQs, and even schedule an interview.


Build trust and confidence with your potential candidates on your website through natural and dynamic AI style conversations 


Your chatbot is always on, ensuring candidates always get a timely response, and your chatbot can also communicate in multiple languages


You chatbot can qualify and rank a group of candidates against specific criteria ensuring you have access to the most qualified people for a role

Here's an example for you

Chatbots have lots of uses - here's one we have pulled together as an example of how a user would interact with your chatbot on Messenger.
Example Talent Bot from Careers Fox

Chatbots don't have to look like chatbots

Our system is so versatile you can use the same technology to deliver chatbot functionality in a variety of formats and for a variety of uses including embedded widget on your careers website, training and elearning, or onboarding.
Screen Shot 2019-07-10 at 14.17.55
And our chatbots are so versatile you can use them to automate some of your standard pre-interview questions for applicant screening. Combining this with our Mass Recruitment Platform or one of our Recruitment Websites enables you to deliver incredible candidate experiences at scale.

How it works

We can do as little or as much as you need us to: from writing your scripts and flow pathways to deploying your chatbot, managing and reporting, and even operating it as human beings if you prefer a non-automated system.
We Script

We write your chatbot scripts for you, laying out all of the different logic flows

We Build

We build and deploy your chatbot directly to your website for you

We Manage

We monitor and manage your chatbot and provide reporting and analytics

We Operate

And if you need a human touch we can even handle your first line responses

Features and benefits

Just like Burger King, you can have your bot anyway you like it: complete bespoke solutions available.
Different formats

Lots of formats to choose from: widget, live chat, or pop up


We personalise your bot with your brand identity

Tracking & analytics

Analyse your flows and improve your applicant conversion rates

Complex flows

We can implement complex flows pulling in dynamic information

Integrate everywhere

We can integrate our chatbots with the tools you already use


We can enable our chatbots for your careers site, WhatsApp, even Messenger

Not sure where to get started?

Here's some ideas of how some of our clients are using bots right now.
Talent Bot from Careers Fox
talent acquisition

Start the conversation

Create talent acquisition chatbots and integrate them with the tools you already use in just a few clicks. Engage potential applicants, score their applications, and send the information straight to your ATS.

fully automated

Complex conversations

Imagine scoring applicants by guiding them through several different forms based on their answers.

Our chatbots let you create complex conversations using simple pre-set forms. Connect your chatbots together like Lego.

It has never been easier or quicker to cover every step of your talent acquisition funnel.



More than just a chatbot

Chatbots can be used within your onboarding process too.

They're ideal for dialogue simulations or scenario based learning and validation.

Our widgets are fully responsive

No need to worry about cross-device support when embedding our chat widgets into webpages.

Chatbots are serious business tools

Today, your visitors, prospects, and customers expect to connect with you in real time via live chat. But for most companies, supporting one-to-one conversations on a larger scale can be a challenge

Lead generation and sales pipelines

Don't just use a chatbot for talent acquisition or onboarding - use it for your sales pipeline too.

Qualify leads, book meetings, support customers, and more - all with a chatbot linked directly to your HubSpot CRM or your favourite sales pipeline tool.

We can configure your chatbot to hand the conversation off to a live agent once qualified, create support tickets, add users to lists and workflows, and more.

Want to chat to our chatbot?

Click on the button, give us a few details and one of the team will be in touch pronto to give you a spin around our chatbot services - either virtually or face-to-face.

We're also jolly good friends with the leading chatbot and dialogue simulation providers