Remove the pain from mass recruitment

Do you offer work experience, internships, or graduate placements? Are you regularly recruiting a large number of same or similar skill employees?
With Careers Fox - a mass recruitment platform - we make high volume hiring a doddle, whilst also saving you time and money.


Deliver a seamless experience to your applicants whilst improving your time-to-hire and recruiter-applicant ratios


Set specific rules and actions throughout the application process so you can reduce the need for manual intervention


The platform is fully compliant with GDPR both from a data processing and from a data management perspective

Fancy a whistle stop tour? Let's go...

Setting up a recruitment window

Accessible via the web portal

Setting up a new recruitment window is quick and easy.

Just pop in a few details - start date, close date, plus information about the available roles, locations, line manager and departments - and the platform does the rest. Automatically counting down to when the recruitment window goes live!

Applicant dashboard

A single web portal for you and your applicants

The applicant dashboard clearly shows when a recruitment window is open, how long the applicant has to submit their application, and also allows them to make any necessary amends to their personal profile.

If the applicant has completed a previous application they can not only see the status, but can also use this as the template for a new application if they wish.

Want to know more about your applicants?

Questions and Answers

Get a feel for your applicants

As well as capturing applicant responses to closed-ended questions, there is also the opportunity to include open-ended questions.

This would provide you with a greater level of insight around your applicants,  their skills and their motivations.

Diversity and inclusivity

Anonymised questionnaire

Switch on the ability to collect structured inclusivity data and an optional survey can be incorporated into the application process in order to understand recruitment diversity.

It should be noted that any data captured here is anonymised, stored separately to an applicants personal records, and cannot be linked to an applicant by an Admin.

Reporting tools at your fingertips

Reporting Dashboard

Single view of your data

Every Admin has the ability to log in to their dashboard at any time to view the status of a recruitment window.

The dashboard details applications submitted versus those not yet submitted, as well as applicants that have not been successful and applications that require some form of manual review - for example they do not have the right to work in the UK.


Mass email tool and templates

A built-in email tool - complete with editable email templates - makes it quick and simple for an Admin to notify successful and unsuccessful applicants.

No more applicants chasing for feedback - a process that once took hours, even days, now takes just minutes.

Get your new starters off to a flyer

New starter checklist

All ready to rock and roll

Once the successful applicants have been notified that they've been offered a placement they are automatically prompted to go online and complete their final paperwork and documentation ensuring that they get off to a flyer on day one of their placement.

Gathering feedback

How did it go?

Again, using the built in email tool it is simple to gather feedback from your participants to understand how their placement went, and also to understand whether they want to be considered for future placements.

This is where you start adding to your talent pool.

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