Penguin Random House UK

We've supported the requirements of the HR Team at Penguin Random House on a number of projects in the decade that we've known and worked with them.

The mandate for this project was clear from the outset: To support the works already underway to effectively reposition the Penguin Random House brand in the eyes of their target audience – the employee, the potential employee, the stakeholder, and the consumer.

Specifically, the desire voiced by the key Stakeholder was to position the organisation as one involved in all aspects of publishing, and to actively move away from what was believed to be the common perception – both within and without out the publishing industry – namely that Penguin Random House was a ‘traditional’ Publisher.

We delivered a website that speaks to every potential employee - from work experience applicant to intern to candidates early in their career and also to those more experienced candidates.

We also worked closely with the HR Team to help them to reimagine the process for a work experience candidate when applying for one of their much sought-after work experience places.

Up to 100 paid work experience placements across the business are on offer every quarter and in excess of 1,500 applications are received each time, many of which are repeat applications.

The burden on the HR Team to screen the applications, randomly select the participants, and then to manage the ongoing communications was intense and a solution was urgently required.

The work experience portal is a one-stop-shop for the applicant - it houses their profile, any previous applications, and is the centre for all communications specific to work experience and when the next placement window will open.

Similarly, the work experience portal is also the central hub for the HR Team - it provides them a clear and concise dashboard from which to manage and administer the end-to-end placement process.

A management process that once demanded a full-time and dedicated resource now only requires an hour or so of effort per week.

Outside of that we've supported the HR Team with a number of other initiatives - for example an interactive employee career planner and also an automated employee onboarding chatbot - as well as Job Hack and The Scheme.


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